Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Red Sky at Night....

...sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. ( anonymous). This is one of my favorite quotes, and it is right on just about every time.

This morning for example. I woke up to grey. Everything was some shade of grey, even the grass was a greenish shade of grey. ( My hot cup of Starbucks coffee was definitely black, isn't black a shade of grey?) Then I looked out the dinette window and there painted on the thick grey cloud cover was a swatch of bright red/orange/pink sky, as if the clouds were on fire. Ahhh, I'm not a sailor, I say to my self, but I should take warning. So I did. I put on an extra layer for the ride to work.

It was a good ride. Cold and blustery. I left a little bit early so I could ride slower. I rode faster, and took two side loops to do some hill climbing. Feeling good in this grey soupy world, I followed Christian Creek Rd as it winds its way up the side of the mountain, only to turn and eventually drop back down into the Swannanoa Valley. The ridge tops are poking into the clouds, making them impossible to see. As I get closer to my destination, the bright sun begins to break through, lighting up the hillsides.

Finally at camp, the wind still blowing, I appreciate having a tailwind on the ride this morning, then I think about the headwind that I will have on the way home.

"Sailor take warning"

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