Friday, November 09, 2007

To Ride or Not to Ride....

That is the question that popped into my head at 6:30 am when my alarm went off. So, I laid there. I had a choice that was difficult. I love to ride my bike, I am saving about $20 plus dollars per week, ( more now that gas is above the $3 per gallon mark). Minutes later, Jubal calls out, " Daddy, can I get up?". So, now I am up, let me get some good coffee and see how I feel. Ahhh, Starbuck's Komodo Dragon. Legend has it that the Komodo Dragon eats the coffee beans, they don't digest but get passed, and then are collected, cleaned ( I hope) and roasted. Whatever the story is, they make some good strong coffee.

Ahhh, I'm waking up with the dawn. Jubal and I are eating homemade granola cereal. I finish up and begin to put my cycling clothes on. I laugh at myself on the inside. It seems that once again, I will walk out into the freezer that we call winter, and ride to work. I love to see the motorists faces at stoplights. They are trying to figure out what planet the alien in spandex came from.

It seems that, as I do on most mornings, I had already made up my mind to ride, even before I was awake. In fact, most "choices" we have to make, we have already decided before the option comes up. Our world view helps us determine the choices that we make. How we spend our time, how we spend our money, the friends we choose. Rarely do we step outside of the guidelines that we have set for our self.

So, I will continue to wake up early, and try to talk myself out of my decision to ride to work. And, pretend that I would rather drive, and spend money on gas. But, I'll pull on my spandex, my jacket and gloves, pump up the tires , and ride to work. And, love it!!!!

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Cindy said...

So, you're saying that when I wake up and decide NOT to run in the mornings and hit my snooze instead (twice) that it's already pre-determined? That...makes me feel better! I can live with that... :)
I like Thursdays, too! Hug Rhonda for me!