Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Already Wednesday

It's Wednesday already. I have been trying to sort through my feelings of utter disappointment and discouragement. I have ridden ORAMM 3 times now, and every year gets worse. The first year, I had been on a single speed for 6 months, and had only been riding road before that. I finished in 7.5 hours and felt fine, tired, but fine enough to eat. Last year, I finished in 8.5 hrs on the single speed, and did not feel good enough to eat at the end. This year, I did not finish and wound up in the hospital.

What am I doing different? I know that the first year, it rained all morning and was quite a bit cooler. I think that that is what is different, the past two years have been much hotter.

I have two friends who ride a lot, one is a nutritionist. They both have mentioned that I have an electrolyte/fluid imbalance. The nutritionist has agreed to work with me to figure out what is going on. I look forward to working this out and enjoying the ride!!!

On the project front, I consulted a contractor about my deck roof. He came to check it out, gave me some pointers and told me to go for it. So, I drew up some plans and tomorrow I will be at the Asheville Public Works Bldg, applying for a permit. I really hope that it goes smoothly, but somehow I know that it won't.

Have a great day.

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