Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Visit

So, I get to the dentist office yesterday. I'm ready to barf. I wonder, is it the money involved or the actual drilling that makes me so afraid?

I go in, they take x-rays, the dentist pokes my gum and teeth, asks questions etc. Then she starts saying stuff like, "hmmm, there's something going on between 12 and 13", followed by" let's do another bite wing so I can get a better look, I really don't want to start drilling and find that there is nothing there". Hmmm, sounds like she knows what she is doing. 3 sets of x-rays later, she decides that there is a cavity there. Not only is there a cavity there, she finds 3 other little cavities that need attention. Dang it!!!

I now realize that it is the $1200 dentist bill that I dread, and not the actual drilling. I guess we are gonna be eating lots more beans in the near , make that near and far future.

Rhonda called me this morning, it appears that the electricians finally decided to show up. Yipee!!

Have a great day.

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Misty said...

One of the things I dread more than anything at the dentist...the bite wings! Why do they make you bite down until it jammed up in to the roof of your mouth! I don't understand!

I hope you made it through ok!