Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tasty Water

I've had some recommendations to try some active recovery so my body can slow down slowly and not come to a sudden stop at the end of endurance events. I will be trying that as well as focusing on drinking more. As far a finding a way to want to drink more, I think I will need to go with a variety of drinks, rather than one specific drink.

This morning, on my work ride, I tried a packet of Emergen-C in one water bottle. The result? I enjoyed it. I do think that this would get old after 8 hours, but I think rotating with the drinks that I currently use will be a great addition. I also felt good after drinking it, felt like I got a little extra kick. I'll have to try it on some longer rides to make sure it is not all in my head.

Good stuff,

Have a great day.

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ExtrmTao said...

I use Emergen-C on long rides. I don't mix it though. Just rip open the top, pour the contents in yo mouth, take a swig of water and KABOOM, you are ready to go.

You only spit powder and goo out your nose the first time, make sure you don't try this technique while someone is telling a joke.