Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Still resting. I might start some cross training tonight, in the form of cutting the grass. I might get on the rollers, I might not. Jubal has been with my parents for a couple of days so I'm sure he'll want to play soccer, Frisbee or wrestle. If so, the grass can wait another day. I figure the lawn needs recovery days too.

The bad thing about rest days is driving so much, my gas costs double during these times. The good thing about rest days is resting.

The countdown continues, 1.5 weeks until the Off Road Assault on Mt Mitchell. I really want to do well, but I really need to just enjoy the ride. This might be my last one for a while as I might get additional responsibilities at camp next year. It just depends what day the race falls on and what the summer camp schedule is like.

I have realized, not learned yet, but realized that I really need to race my race. One cannot race faster than they have trained. I can't keep up with National Champions who are on training programs and have coaches. I need to remember what I average training speed/time etc is and stick to that.

This should be easy, as I have been keeping track of my speed while riding Kitsuma and Mill Creek Rd. So during the race, if I am going faster than my records, I need to slow down. I also need to remember that the race will not be won, in the first 5 miles. There is so much time to make up spots. When the organizer says go, I need to let them go!!!

In other news, I have a new radiator: cool!!! And the electricians are supposedly coming today, and I have the dentist appt Thursday. Wow, I'm going broke in one week!!!

Have a great day.

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