Monday, July 14, 2008

What to do?

I counted my bikes. I can only ride one at a time, but I have 4 different bikes. They all serve a different purpose. I have them and use them all, but not that much. I should sell some, I could do without two of them. I like to live simply. It's nice having extra, just in case I want to use it, or ride something different. That's the American way huh? Get a bunch of stuff, just in case I need it, or rather, think I need it. I'm trying to convince myself not to sell two of the bikes, but I'm having trouble finding good enough reasons.

I have a Bianchi Pista ( 57cm) track bike in excellent condition. I tried racing fixed gear, and while it was fun, I decided it wasn't my thing. Not to mention I don't really have the time or money to squeeze it in. I also use this bike as a commuter, and it is fun, but I suppose I could do fine without it. I'll let this one go for $450. It comes with several different sized cogs, fixed and freewheel, flip flop rear wheel, two sets of handle bars, one for the track, and one with a front brake for the road. Both handle bars are deck out with Celeste bar tape, the bike is shiny chrome.

I also have a Bianchi WUSS, single speed Mtn bike ( 19.5 in). This bike is a whole lot of fun, but I can only ride one bike at a time, and I don't have a lot of time. So, why let it sit there, waiting for me to ride it, just in case one day I might ride it. I'm going to sell this one for $950. It includes several different sized cogs and Cane Creek bar ends. It is white and decked out with celeste water bottle cages.

Now, I just have to let go. One of my life mottos is, " Simplify". It's not always easy to do, but once it is done, life is so uncomplicated. I feel better already.

Have a great day.

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