Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Whole Tooth.....

....and nothing but the tooth. 5 cavities, five shots of Novocaine, and $750 later the left side of my face is numb, 2 hrs later. I'm hungry. Maybe this is part of my improvised carbo loading program. I hope I can eat soon though, or I'm going to bonk and I'm just sitting here.

I go back in two weeks for the right side, it will "only" cost $250.

ORAMM in 4 days. I'm pretty excited. I keep repeating things to myself, " relax", " go your own pace" , " save it for the end". I'm also focusing on spinning on my work rides instead of pushing big gears. I am realizing that even though I am capable of pushing big gears, it is not always the best use of energy.

Have a great day.

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