Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anything else?

Everything I do turns to poop. I have the anti-Midas touch. I now find out that I need a permit to build the roof over my deck. I have to submit 3 sets of construction plans, including drawings, and $300, so that someone can come out and tell me yes, it is good, or no, it is not good.

So, how do I figure out how to build something to code? I don't know, not even the Residential Plans Examiner, who I talked to in person, couldn't tell me what I needed to do.

Anyone know about building codes?

This has to get better at some point. And there has to be a lesson learned here too. But what is it.

Oh yeah, I was up half of the night last night with diarrhea. And tomorrow I go to the dentist to start my dental work.

When is it going to let up??

Have a great day.


Thunder Pig said...

That is what you get from zoning...it ends up costing you a lot of money for a simple project.

Sorry about your other problems.

ExtrmTao said...

Hmmm I was up half the night letting my dog out for the same symptoms. . . You guys need to stop dining out together 8-)

When life poops on you, you wipe it off and keep going. . .