Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The above picture is from yesterday's morning commute.  Warm, partly cloudy, 40 degrees.  Much different that a week ago when it was 25 degrees.  I had a great ride, going at a medium pace and enjoying the scenery.  That is one of the things I love about riding my bike to work.  I get to look around, soak it all in....then do it again on the way home.  When I drive, I get to look around some, but it all goes by so fast.

After work I headed up Bee Tree Road to do some hill cruise intervals.  These hurt but it is actually fun, because I get to go fast and push the pace and heart rate.  The skies were cloudy and the wind was blowing cold.  It was 10 degrees colder than in the morning and I was slightly underdressed.   By the time I got home it was dark and my fingertips felt like they were being crushed.  I was glad the fire was raging and there was spaghetti with homemade sauce!!!

This week has been really crazy.  Some really cool and totally unexpected things have happened.   One big one, I will share the details on Friday:  I made the top fifty in a contest, and if I make the top 10, I'll need to rally all my friends and their friends to vote for me.  The one who gets the most votes wins.  So, check back on Friday,  I might need your help!!

I'm excited to be bringing several movies to Asheville this spring, all fundraisers for World Bicycle Relief.  I'll announce those as soon as I get the dates set!!! 

And lastly,  it looks like I'll be getting a John Henry , which I am very excited about.  If you are interested in a handbuilt steel frame, let me know and I'll arrange a demo!!  Good stuff. 

Well,  off to get ready to ride in the winter storm advisory! 

Have a great day!

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Nolan LaVoie said...

Super jelous about the John Henry. That's awesome!