Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Rides

  There is no dirt in WNC, only mud and snow/ice.  
I drove down to Bent Creek on Saturday and was disappointed to see so much traffic out there: cars, bikes, people.  Hopefully everybody was stay on the roads and off of the trails. 
Saturday, I was planning to ride the rollers for an hour before Rhonda got home from work, then do a 3 hr ride outside.  I set up in front of the tv and watched the Olympics with Jubal while I rode.   An hour passed, Rhonda got home, and I took a shower, then took my family out to eat: Papas and Beer to celebrate Rhonda's birthday. 

Sunday I headed out with the one and only Nolan Lavoie, UNCA's Outdoor Program Director.   We headed south on the parkway up to the first tunnel and back.   Once again, he had to make me look bad and rode from his house to mine, logging an extra 20 miles before riding another 20 with me.  He probably went home and rode his trainer for another hour too.   That's ok, I have some secret training plans too......

The Siren cruising up the parkway!! 

Some snow has melted, but there is still lots in the valleys and shadows where the sun doesn't shine.  The temps are supposed to cool down again this week so, up high will probably not melt off for quite a while.  We were out until 6pm in 50-60 degree weather.  It was great to get out and not worry about freezing! 

The Appenglow on the hilltops as the sun was setting.  It was a welcome sight after not seeing sunshine for so long.
It looks like we will not be heading down for the downhill race at Clemson this weekend.  Funds and time are a hindrance.  Maybe another time. 

The highlight of the weekend:  kicking the soccer ball around with Jubal at the park,  wearing shorts and no shirts!!!  Bring on the sunshine!!

Have a great day.


Julie said...

We were hoping to see you guys while you were in the great town of Clemson. Boo.

Julie said...

We were hoping to see you guys while you were in the great town of Clemson. Boo.

Julie said...

You can see by my double-post how truly sad I am that you're not coming!

My name is Stephen said...

i agree, boo. money, or lack there of determines my life