Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I fell into it, I let myself get sucked in. I was fooled and lied to. I was told that it was awesome and wonderful. That it would rock my world, and I would never see things the same.....etc.

No, not drugs and prostitution, LOST, the TV show. But somehow I still feel dirty.

So, we started the series late and watched the first season on DVD, without commercials.

We watched as they crashed on the island, how they bonded and fought. They stuck together, split up and got together again, only to split up again.

They wandered around, shot things, people animals. They ran from things, people and animals.

They went home, then they went back.

I'm even too confused to give a decent description of what is going on.

Up until last night's show, I was hopeful that the series would end rather well. After last night's show, I am not at all impressed. The writers had a two hour block in which they could give us some direction, some glimpse of what to come. What happened instead? People died.

I posted that on some one's Facebook page yesterday, just joking of course, that they all die.

And you know what? I think I am right. As a writer, when you get stumped, and you cannot figure out a suitable story line for a person....the only logical out is death.

So, my prediction is that the main characters will all die..... oh wait, they already have. But that's ok, its the island ( not " My island" like in Braveheart, which was time better spent) but the supposed magical island. The island where the lame can walk, and the dead are not dead, and the lovers can make babies.

Some people call it brilliant, I call it desperate.

I will continue watching it, but my hopes are not high for a solid ending.

At least it does not interfere with my training schedule.

Have a LOST day!

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