Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have been using the Ergon GX2 for almost a year when I started to wonder if I might be better suited for a standard round grip.  The GX2 was great in that it offers a wider platform for my palm to rest on.  I have never had wrist problems so it is difficult for me to say if these help in that area,  but with the bar ends, the grip definitely offers several different hand placement options.

The issues I have is that i could not rotate my hands on the grips like I need to, and I could not fully wrap all four fingers around the grip.

On downhills, in the aggressive position, I never felt comfortable, due to not being able to get my hands in the same position that my body was in. 

I figured I would try the GA1.  I called Ergon to find out if they were compatible with the bar ends.  I was told that they are not at all compatible.  I received the grips and promptly got appendicitis. The grips sat in the box for 4 weeks, until I was able to install them.   After the first ride, I realized how much I like the hand placement options offer by adding bar ends.  I took the bar ends off of the GX2 and installed them with the GA1.  It took a little bit of creativity, and remember, this is not at all endorsed by Ergon, and I am sure I have voided all warranty etc.,  but I gotta do what I gotta do.

After having ridden on these grips several times over the past 8 weeks, I am feeling quite a bit more comfortable on the downhill techy terrain.  I am able to completely wrap my fingers around the grip and I feel "Volle Kontrolle" (full control).  I have checked the grips and the bars after use, and everything appears to be fine even though I added the bar end. 

I have not yet ridden over 3 hours on these grips, but I have no doubt that my hands will be just as happy!

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