Friday, April 10, 2015

Kaboom Playground Grant

 Thanks to April Alexander, Oakley has received a grant from BCBS through Kaboom to build a new playground. 
 Yesterday was design day and we spent 9 hours at the school, walking the build site, planning, discussing picking out colors etc.    Over the past couple of weeks, each of the kids in the school drew pictures of their dream playground. 

Today a large group of kids gathered in the cafeteria with Katie, our Kaboom rep, and planned some more details and what they wanted in a playground. 
 The adults gathered later to do make decisions on the same thing as well!  Lot's of discussion and great ideas.  It was great to see the community members come out and share ideas and dreams!  
There is still lots to do and you don't have to have kids in the school to participate.   There are several committees that need your help:  recruitment,  planning, food, construction etc.

Prep days are June 17-18,  we will need 30 folks to help unpack supplies and prep the site.

Build day is June 19th.  We need 250 volunteers!!

We also need food donated for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day to feed all of the volunteers. 

If you can help,  give Oakley Elementary School a call, or contact me. 

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