Monday, April 06, 2015

Lazy Weekend

 Spring break weekend is always somewhat of a recovery process.  Worn out from travel,  wanting to go adventuring but staying close to home and doing some simple things instead.  Skate park time with the kids,  digging a stump out of the yard,  short walk with the wife etc. 

 Sunday I got out for a short ride on the race machine.  It was 34 degrees and brrrr.   I hope that I don't have to ride in the cold any more this year!   I'm feeling good and looking for a fun time at the Stage Race this year.   I can't think about racing just yet,  gotta focus on having fun.  That leaves a whole lot less stress! 

 Heard rumors of a fire up on the ridge.  Saw smoke then started hearing the chopper in the valley.  We jumped in the minivan and headed down to get a peak.  We were treated to a front row pass to watch this guy drop in, fill up, fly out, dump, then repeat.  The pilot caught sight of us and waved as he buzzed overhead.  I bet he was having a blast. 

 Celebrating freedom with a chunk of mesquite smoked beef, baked potatoes and cole slaw....  yeah!!

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