Friday, April 24, 2015

Thursday Night Liberty Ride= THNR

A group of about 12 headed out from the shop tonight.  Jane and Rebecca joined us too.  Two fast local women, and super friendly to boot!

We headed down the road and I kept the lead group in sight until Taylor dropped off the back.  I sat up and waited for him to make sure nothing was wrong.  He just didn't want to hammer up the first climb which makes sense, it is only 5 minutes into the ride. 

And then we got dropped,  the group failed to wait at the stoplight, so I tucked in behind Taylor and we rolled up 280 and reeled the group in. 

The sun was shiny and the wind was cold so I just decided to enjoy myself.  Stage Race fatigue had caught up to me and I knew this was going to require quite a bit of effort.  

I only got dropped 2 more times and was able to pull some others who got dropped back up to the group as well.  Sitting up to help someone get back on the group is just as good of a workout as sitting on the front trying to go all out and. 

We wound around the country side and back into town, down Hendersonville Rd as the sun dipped behind the trees, then behind the mountains. 

I bid farewell and crept back up the hill to my house. 

I felt better than I thought I would so that was encouraging.

See you next week!

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