Thursday, April 09, 2015

Long Day, Short Ride

Some people wonder what I do all day.  Some people think that all I do is ride my bike.  Lemme tell you something.  If all I did was ride my bike,  I would be winning bike races..... 

I squeezed in just over 1 hr of riding, in the middle of my 14 plus hour workday.  I don't hold "normal" office hours which leaves me  a lot of flexibility.   Daily,  I think about what I have to do, and wonder if there is "just a little more" that I could be doing to help my community.  

That's my big picture.  I have a job, which is also my passion.  But the reality is that my job, while part of my lifestyle enables me to fulfill my big picture goal:  Helping make my community a better place. 

I get to go in my kid's school,  help kids read, help them with math,  work with the teachers, supporting them where I can. 

Then I go pick up donated bikes, take them to The Bicycle Thrift Shop, fix them up and sell them at an affordable rate.  And when I hear of a need, I donate them.  There are so many kids that need bikes and can't afford them.  When I run for president,  my platform will be based on the fact that every kid needs a bike, no matter what age! 

Do I regret that I only got in an hour ride?  No.  Do I wish I could ride more?  Yes.  But the reward is worth the "sacrifice".  I'll suffer next week at The Pisgah MTB Stage race.  I could have used more intervals, more hours, more.....   But, I'll be on my bike, doing the best I can,  and the next time I work a 14 hr day,  I'll do my best to smile, knowing that my community is just a little better. 

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