Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 Well, its on, already.  P111K training that will turn into Fletcher Flyer training, that will then turn into ORAMM training.  I'm hoping to do some other events in between but I gotta make sure the family is taken care of too. 

I got out for a road ride in the sunshine and only almost got run over 3 times.  All I gotta say is, respect other life forms, period. 

The wind was blowing, and my legs were burning but it was good to get some time on the bike in the sun.   I'm pretty fired up to ride and get up to speed after the rough winter and sub par training and results for the Stage Race. 

I did learn a lot though.  I learned that with a moderate pace, I could go the distance even though I felt like crap.  And then continue riding a moderate pace the next two days and I would start to feel better.   Until the bacon,  the bacon made me feel like crap, but.... lesson learned.
So, the sun is finally shining and the temps are warming.  I'm excited to see how this year develops from behind the bars!

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