Monday, April 13, 2015

Race Ready

 Well,  its finally race time.  24 hr countdown and we'll be off, in the rain, riding around Pisgah NF.  I'm ready and thanks to Salas Bikes, Liberty Bikes, Endless Bike Co, and I-9,  my bike is ready.  I'm riding single speed.  I stuck with the 32x21 gearing.  I switched to 32x20 about 4 weeks ago and my joints started feeling creaky.  While I get spun out on any flat, this gear is the perfect climbing gear for me at this point.  I'll experiment with a stiffer gear later this summer though. 

We had a pretty fun weekend.  I spent Saturday cutting, splitting and hauling firewood,  continuing to get stocked up for next year.  I'm sure we'll burn a some more this week, with rain and chilly temps...

Sunday, we headed out to the lake for some relaxing family time.  Our sailboat, which we have christened "The Edge of The Wild",  is so much fun.  The Asheville Sailing Club has races at Lake Julian on Sundays during the summer... can't wait!

I might be competitive.

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