Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend O Fun

 The weekend started off on Friday morning with  a group of kids from Jackson County Schools going for a ride at Richmond Hill.   Such a great group of kids with some very real life issues that they are working through.  I can't imagine going through some of their struggles and I hope that a  bike ride in the woods will give them some inspiration to keep their heads up. 

Saturday morning, we headed out to Mars Hill for some kid soccer action.  I help coach the team and have a blast doing that.  We won.... again.  I know, bad sportsmanship, but our team rocks!!  
 Saturday afternoon, I decided to beat myself up and rent a tiller for the garden.  I'd beat myself up and the wife would be happy.   A four hour rental and I got the tiller from Home Depot, to the house, the garden tilled, the tiller back to HD in 1.5 hrs.  I should get some money back.

 And there is Ollie.  Always ready to lend a helping hand. 

 Sunday it was time to shift gears and get my race on.  Sailboat race that is.  It was my first ever sailboat race.  After several years of racing in the Caribbean,  I never raced.  I raced my windsurfer but never the sailboat.  So, the kid and I headed down to Lake Julian and joined the Asheville Sailing Club for some laid back, mountain lake racing. 

The picture above show the first race before the wind picked up.  By the third race, the wind had kicked up to 15mph with gusts up to 20 plus.  I have a slow boat with a big handicap so I have no idea how I placed.  I only came in last in the 3rd race though.   I'm looking forward to racing through the summer. 

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