Monday, April 20, 2015

Pisgah Stage Race 2015: Stage 5

 The final stage is over and the dust, er mud, has settled. 

I arrived at the music center on Saturday morning to find that Cashion had reserved my shotgun seat in The Bike Farm Sprinter.  I get pretty queasy on a school bus, and can only imagine how I would feel after a ride on a bus on gravel roads. 

A small group including Thomas Turner boarded the van and we were off.  What ensued was the most hilarious "middle of the pack smack".  A bunch of dudes surmising what Jeremiah's plan was and when and how they thought Thomas should react.  I'm pretty sure Thomas had it all figured out by then.....

The day before, I was under the impression that the single speed cat was going to "party pace" to the finish. I had given my word to Joe that I was not going to attack him on the final day.  He had gained 37 minutes on my and worked hard for it. 

I was disappointed to find out on Saturday morning that the roadie with the full suspension single speed was not going to back down.  The race was on and always will be.   But, I had given my word so I hung with Joe, Jason and Karl.  We have different climbing and descending paces, be we waited for each other and hung out and chatted and enjoyed the day.  It was nice to break the competitive habit and enjoy a day in the woods

 Joe, being the nice guy that he is, wanted me to finish first.  I wanted him to finish first.  What ensued was the slowest finish ever with a track stand competition and finally an agreement to cross the line together.  He pipped me at the line by about .07 seconds.  
 My crew was waiting for me at the finish.  Its always nice to get hugs after a long day in the woods! 

So,  that completes my 7th year of the Pisgah Stage Race.  I am the only person to have completed all 7 editions.  I'm pretty proud of that!   5 years geared, 2 yrs single speed. 

Fun times.

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