Saturday, December 22, 2007

College Fund?

I have a scheme. I have a plan. I have a great way to pay for Jubal's college tuition, buy a new car, and a new house. All I need is for Jeremiah Bishop to go to the Olympics, and win several World Championship titles.

Then I can sell this on E-bay. I hope he is not reading this. Jubal's college education is a lot to put on his shoulders. But, apparently he is pretty tough.

In reality, I will keep this jersey for a long time. Maybe even put it in my will to wear it to the grave. Or, I'll pass it on to my kid, to represent the inspiration that Jeremiah gave to me. Jeremiah personally gave me this jersey with his autograph on it.

( my dad built the shadowbox, pretty sweet)

And to quote Jeremiah, "Go Big".

Thanks Jeremiah.

It's raining again. I hope that the areas on water restriction are getting some relief. Looks like a long ride on some wet dirt roads is in order.

Have a great day

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The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Sweet Jersey. Story behind Jeremiah's giving it to you? Didn't get to ride this weekend but my wife has givin me the go ahead on s short ride this afternoon and a longish ride tomorrow. Give me a call if ya want in.