Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a great Christmas season. Remember to keep it real!!!

Yesterday, Jubal, Rhonda and I took a drive up near Roan Mtn to visit my parents and grandmother. It was a great relaxing trip. Usually when I go up there I take my bike and ride up to Carvers Gap on Roan Mtn. Today I decided not to, not sure why. But I was able to relax all day. And I enjoyed it.
Today, Jubal, Rhonda and I are just hanging out, being lazy.
It's funny, I have 5 days off is a row and I don't have any epic rides planned. Maybe it's because I have two epics and a race coming up in the next two weeks. Yeah, there you go, I 'm not lazy, I'm tapering!!! OK, keeping it real, I am feeling a little bit lazy!!

Well enjoy your day.


Rhonda said...

I am glad you are hanging out with us!
I love you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the call today...

Anonymous said...

Sleeting and snowing at the house in Bent Creek right now. Weird weather. Happy Christmas to you, R & J!


If you are looking for something to do New Year's afternoon with a mixed bag of riders (and/or partaking in a small post-ride social) from the back yard, call or e Tara