Thursday, December 20, 2007


It rained here in Asheville last night. I went home and took a ride on my rollers. I decided I didn't want to be wet and cold in the dark by myself.

Instead I got a tattoo, Jubal did too.

It's Ronald McDonald.

Friday Morning

I got up this morning hoping that I could ride my bike to work. I was happy to see that the rain would be just past Asheville by the time I left. I drank my coffee, ate my delicious homemade granola cereal, kissed the fam goodbye, and hit the road. After a mile, I turned around to go back home. I forgot to pack a pair of dry socks to wear after I get to work.

I took a detour today up to Bee Tree Resevoir. I got a great picture of the dam from below, but the gate was closed, so I could not see the lake. I was late for work though, oops.

Things I saw today:

-Pileated Woodpecker

-a NASCAR sign hanging on a mailbox that says: Speed Limit: NONE

-3 wild turkeys in a pumpkin patch

- a 5 mile long oil slick down the middle of the road

I also almost got creamed by some elderly woman who rolled through a stop sign and didn't see me until I yelled and she looked in her rear view mirror.

Have a great day

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

I am glad the old lady didn't have you for breakfast, babe. Be careful coming home.
I love you!