Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday Night Ride

The ride went well last night. I got 20 miles in in a little over 2 hrs. I got off work a little bit early and was on the trail by 5:30pm. I took Wolf Branch to the dirt road to Ingles Field. At Five Points I turned around and got some downhill coming back down Ingles Field. I was a little bit overdressed with long sleeves and knickers, but I was hoping to be comfortable later.

Back to the parking lot, I met up with Megan, Eli, Lori, Chris, Mat and their dogs Lucy and Yogi. Lucy was a cool dog who would run right next to her owner. She would run along the trail next to him, sometimes so close that they were touching. Crazy dog. The funny thing about it is that Chris said that she seldom runs with other people and that she always stay beside him. About halfway through the ride, Lucy decided to run next to me. And she did for most of the rest of the ride.

Great night, great people.

Today, Jubal is singing in some sort of Christmas program at school. This should be entertaining!!

Have a great day.

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