Monday, July 28, 2008


I did not finish again. I succumbed to heat exhaustion at mile 60 of the 64 mile route. I barfed and had to be treated. So, frustrated and discouraged right now. One more thing to add to my plate. I did everything that I know to do, drank lots of NUUN, ( which still rocks) drank water from my Camelbak, ate enough calories. From what I understand though, when heat related illness kicks in, the body does not digest nearly fast enough to keep up.
I'm strongly considering not going to the Fool's Gold 100. If I do go, I will only attempt the 50 miler. It gets hot in GA in August. I guess I will have to do my distance races in cooler temperatures.
At lest Jubal had some fun!!!!

PS: I am now in debt. If anyone has some any part time/ temporary work to offer let me know, I am for hire!!!!
Have a great day.
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Duckman said...

That's a bummer man. You looked good when you passed me going up to the BRP. I thought for sure you had a great ride.

That heat was horrible.

Hope to see you at FG

Anonymous said...

Debt? HA! That's my lifestyle, so the so called "recession" don't mean nothing.

Roof? As long as we have THE roof, we never need a permit.

Temp? I'm a Professional Searcher - I'll pass along any P/T info.


jimbo said...

Hippie - you can always revert to paddling...we will always take you back.

Anonymous said...

Like mom always used to say, "When life gives you poop, make poop juice"

Misty said...

Hey....Jubal had a great time! :)