Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Two days ago I called the permit office to arrange for the inspector to inspect my roof. I asked them the have the inspector call me before he came to the house, I could be there in 20 minutes.

Rhonda got home from picking Jubal up from school and there was a red sticker saying that the inspector had come but did not inspect due to a dog running around in the yard.

I called the inspection office and got the guy's phone number. We made arrangements to meet, set the time and date, and I was there. He showed up right on time. He looked around, asked some questions, took some measurements. At some point he decided everything looked good and said he was going to approve it. We walked out to his truck, and he started writing up a green approval sticker. Then he stopped, cocked his head and said" Wait just a minute, let me look at that power line again........".

He hemmed and hawed some more. Looked around, pulled out his big three ring binder book of regulations and codes.

Then he tore up the green ticket, wrote a red ticket and told me that he would approve the project when Progress Energy came out to move their power lines!!! What?!?!?

I was almost there, I didn't even talk too much, maybe I should have talked more.

So now I am playing middle man between Progress and City Inspector. This should be interesting.

The relief is that my workmanship passed city inspection. I even called up the electrician to tell him that I passed. I'm sure he did not want to hear from me!!! But he did.

Work Ride:
I put on a base layer this morning for the ride in to work. It's getting chilly!!!!

Have a great day.

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Butch Greene said...

If it's any consolation, you could have been like us. We paid a contractor to rip us off, do shoddy work, cut corners, use inferior materials, not finish the insulation, wire te house so that half the house was through 1 12 amp dishwasher fuse, have siding fall off, have 2 leaking toilets, not finish the grading...and get every single inspection passed 1st time. Good to know your inspector cared for your safetly. :- )