Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goal: 1 bicycle

Sunday is the Bridge to Bridge Century Challenge. It is a 100 mile road ride that winds around the rolling farmlands of Caldwell county before heading up the infamous hwy 181, past Brown Mtn Ridge, the site of the mysterious Brown Mtn Lights, before ending in McRae Meadows below Grandfather mtn. Over 10,000 ft of climbing.

While this ride will be a challenge for the participants, it will not even compare to the day to day challenge of folks in Zambia who face seemingly insurmountable walls every day.

Excerpt from the World Bicycle Relief web-site:

The Power of Project Zambia

Health care and education are useless if they do not reach those in need. By providing bicycles, we will ensure that health care volunteers and educators reach even the most remote communities. Mobilizing this potent force is a huge step in the fight against poverty and disease in Zambia. Bicycles assist individuals, families and communities in reversing the devastation of HIV/AIDS, and in returning to productivity and independence.
Please support this program. Please support the people of Zambia as they fight this merciless disease. They need your help to achieve their goals of stability, independence, and eventual prosperity.

I am dedicating the riding of this century to the people of Zambia. I would like to raise enough money to purchase 1 bicycle through WBR. Please consider helping me do this.


ONE Bicycle + one caregiver = care for up to 20 patients and their families: Cost: $134

I have a handy pay pal button on the left of this blog that you can use to donate, you can go directly to to donate.

Have a great day.

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