Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday Night

I decided to stay at Camp Rockmont and explore some more. There are some really steep climbs here that will be very valuable for training if I can find a decent loop. I was rewarded with seeing a couple of bears hauling up the trail in front of me, a momma and a baby!! I ended up being out for 2hrs, 1.5 hrs riding time, did some tough hike a bike stuff.

I talked to one of the directors about getting some sustainable trail work done. So, that has been put into the works. Pretty cool.

I was not able to formulate a route yet, but I think it will come together once I get the lay of the land figured out. Lots of roads and side trails that intertwine. Beautiful mountainside property though!!!

This weekend Rhonda works, so Jubal and I will probably check out the Asheville Grand Prix

It should be fun to go cheer some folks on!!!!

Have a great day.

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