Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning

I had a great weekend hanging out with Jubal. Rhonda worked so it was just the guys for most of the day.
On Saturday we tackled the gutter system on the house. It was mostly non-functional and leaked water over the side so that the crawlspace under the house stays moist. And here in the WNC mountains, moist equals mold.

So, while I climbed the ladder, Jubal supplied me with tools and gutter parts.

We ended up spending the afternoon playing soccer at the park.

On Sunday we finished the flashing and guttering on the new deck roof. Then we headed out for the highlight of my weekend: Jubal's bike and Bent Creek!!

We hit Boyd Branch trail for Jubal's first ride on trails. It was great. I ran along behind him while he pedaled. I had to help him up the longer hills but he loved it. After stopping at the creek to throw rocks in, he was ready for more. We headed back down the trail to the truck, drove a little ways down to Campground connector and went again. Down Campground connector, over to the beach, back around the lake to the dock, then back to the truck. Probably about 3 miles total.

I think he loved it!!!

Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Guessed that was you're "new ride", but wasn't sure, so I didn't tag the rear window. 8^)

Glad you & J got to enjoy the weekend!