Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Andy A

Yesterday's work commute on the bicycle was good. I intend to take an easy week in prep for the Bridge 2 Bridge this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this 100 mile road ride, as I will be riding with friends and will not have to worry about racing!!! I'm not even stressed about getting up early for the 7am start. I'm still not sure why we have to start so early.

On the way home yesterday, I was planning on going the short way and taking it easy. That plan was ruined when I took a right turn onto Old US 70 and spotted a cyclist about a half mile away. I stepped on the gas, they were on an uphill and I was on a flat so chances were good that I would catch whoever it was. I got a good tempo going and held steady. I hit the bottom of the little climb and I was not any closer, the cyclist went over the top and I could not see him/her. I got to the top and spotted the cyclist at the bottom, I might have gained 20-30 yards. I kept pushing the pace. At the bottom I felt like I had gained a little bit more so I kept the pace. Slowly but surely I could see that I was gaining. Onto the flat then slightly uphill and around a bend, the rider disappeared. " I can't stop now, so much for the easy ride, I hope they let me draft, this is gonna hurt ", were thoughts going through my head.

Around the bend I came and had about 30 yards to reel him/her in. I got within 15 yards and was able to identify the kit. The big green Land Rover emblem on the back could on mean one thing: Andy Applegate.

I immediately realise there are two reasons that I was able to catch this guy. 1. he is on his cyclocross bike, 2. he is obviously not pushing very hard, just cruising at 20-25 mph.

I sit up and say something about " hey there, do you some of this?" He looks back and smiles.
We ride and chat. Then part ways, only after we both almost get creamed by some careless driver.

I always enjoy seeing people out riding their bikes, enjoying themselves.

Have a great day

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