Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gas Crisis...???

Is it really a crisis? I don't think it was at first, but now I believe that it is becoming one.

Initially when Ike rolled through, the "pipeline" was to be back in service within 10 days. It has been 10 days and nothing has really changed. There are still gas stations that are closed, waiting for gas, and the ones that are open, there are long lines of cars waiting.

At first people panicked, bought all the gas, depleted supplies. Now normal people, like me, who did not panic and rush out to fill gas tanks, really need gas.

Last night I finally gave in. I saw on the Internet that a gas station 2 miles from the house had gas, and lines were not long. It was posted 45 minutes before I saw it but I decided to take a chance. I took the van which and drove out. I got there and pulled in line behind about 15 cars. The timing was good and I waited in line for only 30-45 minutes. I didn't look at the time because I didn't want to get frustrated.

I thought about limiting my purchase, then decided against it. I filled the tank. I figured I could get a small purchase and be back in two days, waiting in line, or I could fill up, continue to drive, like we don't have gas: ie- don't drive, and not have to come back for a couple of weeks. Rhonda does such a great job at combining trips that the full tank will last at least two weeks.

I wasn't satisfied though. I came back home and got the truck. What else is there to do at 10 pm anyway? I drove back to the gas station but they were out. I drove a mile to another station and got in line. They ran out 15 minutes later. I turned around and started towards home. I passed another station that had a line of about 10 cars. I whipped it around and pulled in. 20 minutes later I had filled my tank with the $25 limit. That should last over one week.
Hopefully by then, this "crisis" will be over.

The thing that gets me is this. Why do people get all worked up about wanting/needing less government involvement and then when there is a "crisis" people get so upset that the government in not more involved?

Have a great day.

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