Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have the blinky light on my bike again. It is dark when we get up and getting light when I leave for work. High of 72 today. I felt good this morning, I decided to push it a little bit and had a fun time. Got a draft for a couple of miles behind a cement truck, 20 mph with hardly any effort is a lot of fun.

We finally sold our Honda yesterday. That was stressful. There are some crazy people out there. One guy who called is from Huntsville, Alabama. He told me he would take the bus that leaves at 7pm, ride through the night, get here at 7am, buy the car and drive it back. He told me to call him if I lowered the price. I ended up lowering the price but did not call him. He ended up calling me upset that I had not called him. He chewed me out, offered to wire $100 deposit via Western Union and he would be up in the morning. Not feeling comfortable about meeting some dude at the bus station at 7am, to sell a car, I let him know that a couple of people were scheduled to look at it that afternoon. He said to call him if it didn't sell and that was it. I never called him.

Another guy who showed up to look at the car was upset that I had never waxed the car, upset that a cat had walked on it, upset that I had taken MY Cd player out and replaced it with the stock stereo tape player. He pulled up in my driveway, got out of his car, walked past me without a word. I had to ask him if he was who I thought he was. I didn't even get upset that he was 20 minutes late!!! I had tried to tell him the easy way to get to my house, but he absolutely had to use his GPS. Knowing which way the unit told him to go, I knew he was going to be late. Basically, he heemmmed and haawed, took it for a drive, tried to make me feel bad about how I did not take care of a car that ran great and lasted the past 10 years, then left and I never heard from him. Good riddance.

So, that was fun, and I'm glad it's done. Now I can order the metal for my roof and get back to having some fun. Oh wait, the fun never stopped!!!

Bridge to Bridge in 1.5 weeks!!!

Have a great day

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