Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jubal Rides

What a full, fun weekend at the Janes' house this weekend!!! I finally got the deck roof completed and will be calling the inspector today. I am hopeful that there will be no problems.
Last week I took the pedals off of Jubal's bike so that he could coast down hills, while keeping his feet out in case of falls. We went to the park last week and then again on Saturday. Saturday Jubal hit the deck pretty hard and was done. Bloody hand and all I convinced him to ride one more time. Saturday evening he wanted to show mommy so he coasted down our neighbor's driveway again. We then discussed putting his pedals back on and he decided that he wanted to put his training wheels back on. Wait a minute, that would not be progress. After a few more minutes of 4 yr old logical discussion, Jubal agreed to have his pedals( and cranks) put back on.
I put them on, and let him try it, next thing we know he is off, pedaling around the yard!!! Jubal is riding a bike with no training wheels!!! He started saying " no more training wheels for me!!!" over and over. It was awesome.

He now wants me to set up a jump so he can jump into his swimming pool.
Bridge to Bridge this weekend, I'll be sticking to work rides this week. The weather looks like it is going to be great.
Have a great day.
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Duckman said...

The day the training wheels come off is very special. Awesome!

Good luck at B2B.