Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comeback Ride

The Bridge to Bridge was a comeback ride for Mike Keeley. Mike has done this ride 8 times in the past and he was back after missing it for two years. He does one 100 mile ride each year and this is it.

Two years ago he started feeling some pain in his knee. And what do all good athletes do when we feel pain? Try to ride through it. That didn't work. Then Mike started getting tired, not able to summon up the energy to ride. He ended up consulting his physician who referred him to the long process of doctors and tests that are involved when no one really knows what is going on with the body.

He was finally diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome , a debilitating condition that attacks the immune system and eventually shuts the body down. Slightly scary. In addition, there is no known cure for the Syndrome. I won't go into all the gritty details but I will say that Mike was off of his bike for a long time.

When Mike finally was able to ride again, he would go out for 5-10 mile rides. Basically he was starting over with building his fitness. It took him about a year to prepare for this past weekend. He spent a lot of time in the mountains, working on climbing, and just getting the miles in his legs.

I got to ride with him on some of his training rides. Mike is a lot of fun to ride with. He always has a story to tell, and is generally good natured.

It seemed that Mike had come back with a new love for cycling. A new determination to do this ride and do it well. And it showed.

Sunday, Mike was as ready as he has ever been for this ride. And he was successful. He persevered, endured and finished. 100 miles in 6hrs and 28 minutes.

Congratulations on your comeback ride Mike!!!

Have a great day.

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