Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Rides

My parents came to town this weekend to go camping at Lake Powhatan/Bent Creek. They took Jubal with them. Rhonda started work this weekend as a CNA at a local nursing home. She is working the 7am-3pm shift on weekends. That left me, at home, all alone, awake at 5:45 am. ( that's what time Rhonda gets up to go to work). So, what to do? Ride my bike, what did you think?

I headed out to Bent Creek to do a long ride, but to stay in an area where I could get back to the truck and refuel, or bail out. I had several goals in mind, the major one being to ride longer than 4 hrs, and feel good.

I set out on a loop that ended up being 18miles. I felt good for the first lap after starting the day with some good coffee and a meal replacement shake. In my bottles again is NUUN and Carb-Plus.

I rode up some of the hardest hills that I know of in Bent Creek. I was the first one in the parking lot, and didn't see anyone for a long time.

After 2 hrs of riding I headed back to the parking lot to refuel. Set out again with fresh bottles and feeling good. 26 miles into the day and a small wave of nausea hit. Knowing what was coming next if I kept riding I stopped, checked my bottles and realized that I had taken in about 150 calories in the past hour, when I should have doubled that. So, ate some stuff, and rode slowly for 15 minutes until I felt better. I made sure to take in what my body needed before I needed it for the rest of the day.

Back to the parking lot with 4 hrs and 38 miles, I loaded up and headed back out. It was getting hot, and I was getting bored. With no one there to cheer me on and encourage me to keep going, it was difficult.

Long day and after 5.5 hrs, I packed it up. I felt good, I felt like I could keep going.

Same thing as Saturday. I pondered a road ride, but wound up driving to the Mills River Campground so I could ride out 1206 and up some trails.

I started up Laurel feeling tired but excited about the day. I was the first one in the parking lot and on the trail again and would be out there alone all morning. Laurel is a cool trail that follows the contours of the ridge line all the way up to Pisgah Inn. Eventually I wound up on Pilot Cove loop and on top of a great lookout spot.

I for a few minutes to bask in the wilderness.

I headed back to the car, to the campground to pick Jubal up. Went home, took a nap, waited for Rhonda to get home. Then had some fun family time.

Slatey Creek:

Laurel Mtn Trail:

Off of Laurel Mtn:

Some dude:


Have a great day!!

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