Monday, September 01, 2008


I had planned to wake up early to get a long ride in today. When the alarm went off at 5am, I changed it to 6am, then got out of bed at 7am. That's cool. I get loaded up and head out. I picked up some ice for the cooler, and headed towards Bent Creek. My plan was to push past the 3-4 hour mark and test my new nutrition advice, courtesy of Namrita. She is an endurance race, who is currently looking for sponsorship. After some e-mails about what I am doing nutrition wise, she gave me some recommendations. It turns out that according to what she said, I am taking in half the amount of sodium that my body needs.

So, my goal today was to find out. I got to the parking lot and got dressed. It was only 70 but felt like 80 with the humidity. "Good, I hope it gets hotter", I said to myself. I got started and did a 20 mile route, then looped back to the car to fill up my water bottles. I felt good at this point and was taking it easy. For breakfast, I had a meal replacement shake, and on the trail I had one GU, half of a Gatorade bar, and two 24oz bottles of Nuun/ Carb-Plus.

At the car I filled my bottles up with Nuun/Carb-Plus, and drank another 16oz meal replacement shake, then hit the trail again. I wanted to find a 25 mile loop instead of 20. I also picked two of the hardest climbs in Bent Creek to add to the challenge. I had another Gu, and then half of a Gatorade bar. After 3.5 hours on the trail it started to rain, then started to pour. All I needed now would be some lightning. It never came. I debated riding another loop, but wasn't sure if the rain would let up. Not wanting to ride on the trails in the rain, and encourage poor trail etiquette, I packed up and headed home.

Observations: I felt good the entire time, I got hungry rather than nauseous about two times, I felt like I could keep going at that pace. Maybe, just maybe, I have found the trail to my nutritional nirvana!!!

Have a great day

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