Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bent Creek

I realised last night how tired I am of riding in the cold and dark of night. Had it been warm last night I would have continued to ride. But, I'm just tired of freezing my tail off. The ride was good, and I had the energy to continue, but I'm over it. Bring on the spring!!!!
I have only ridden single track one time in several weeks. I struggled on the steeper pitches. I'm not sure exactly why, most likely because my muscles are tired from all the activity I have put them through. I have not really taken a day of since last Tuesday. So, I'm going to ride to work today, and then take Thursday and Friday off the bike. Saturday, I am planning a long ride to test my fitness for the upcoming Cohutta 100.

Today is Rhonda's 31st birthday. I bought Skillet tickets for tomorrow night. There might be something else in the works, we'll see how it pans out.


jimbo said...

Hippie -
Please tell Rhonda 'Happy Bday' for me. I cant seem to publish a comment on her page.
Whaddya think...Is it warm enough to take the family camping? I can build a mean bon-fire (after I purchase my carbon credits).

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Ms. R! 8^D

Not promoting it for personal gain, but "Bike Love" sounds like a celebration to attend. Wish it was minor-friendly!