Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have never seen any object on this earth that has just happened for no reason. Well, OK, except the appendix. I'm not sure what that is all about, but considering the evidence, I'm sure there is a purpose for it. But, I believe that all objects, all things, are created. The time line of the creation is fuzzy in my head, but I don't think that is important for this conversation. I believe in a God who created us and everything else for a purpose.

Consider this. Isn't everything that we as humans create, created for a purpose? I don't see anyone aimlessly creating things for no reason. There may be people creating things that we think are a waste of time, or useless, but to the one who creates those things, there is a purpose.

I believe that God has created us for a purpose. Now, I also believe that we have the freedom to disagree with God. ( as I said in yesterday's post). At the same time we have the freedom to choose to live for the purpose that God has created us for.( I recommend God's way of living) If it were mandatory that we lived for God's purpose, it would not be as fulfilling or meaningful as when we choose to do it on our own.

Consider a robot. If I were to invent a robot to wash the dishes, it would wash the dishes, because that is all I programmed it to do. On the other hand, if I created a robot with the capability to wash the dishes, and with the capability to choose whether or not it wanted to wash the dishes, and it decided to wash the dishes on its own. How much more meaningful would that be? I say a lot more meaningful.

I believe that God created us. I believe that we all have a purpose. What is yours?

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Uh... What about drying the dishes?


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