Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Saturday

I had a great ride with my friend Mike. He laughs at me because of how I dress. He thinks I don't put enough layers on. But I am comfortable until we stop for coffee, then I get cold. He laughs again. That's ok, he bought the coffee. You can laugh all you want to if you buy the coffee!!

We met at the parkway and Hendersonville road. He is from Shelby so I didn't want to kill him with climbing. We rode north past Cravens Gap up to Bull Gap. Took a left on Elk Mtn Senic Parkway. I think that it has been over a year since I have been up here. It is one of my favorite road loops. There is a huge new development going in. We agreed that while it is unfortunate that they are building there, we would both enjoy living up there.

We rode down the mtn, across Merrimon, past Beaver Lake, and to Riverside Dr. Cruised down the flat road, took a detour to the Mellowdrome at Carrier Park to watch the fixed geared riders do some training, then off to Starbucks. After some good conversation, coffee and a sour cream donught, we headed to Azalea park where Mike's daughter was playing soccer.

40 miles, 3 hrs- Fun times!!

Have a great day.

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Mike Keeley said...

Great ride. When did you take the pictures. It really was this pretty.