Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting Better

The family is starting to recover from the head cold rapmpage that took us down last week. Jubal sneezed up a 2 inch long greenish yellow snot rocket this morning. The high here is supposed to be 68 degrees today. Warm enough for shorts, but it is firewood gathering day so long pants were in order.

This weekend should bring some lap race practice to me. It'll be flat and not very technical, but that's ok, I'll be on the bike.

Last night I started one of my roller workouts and made it 2/3 rds of the way through before losing energy and decided not to push too hard. Recovery is the hardest thing for me, I like to ride and push myself. Another thing I should not have done last week is that fast ride in Bent Creek 2 nights before the race. A slow shorter ride would have been better. Live and learn.

Happy Super Tuesday!!!!

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