Friday, February 15, 2008

Tree Climbing

I saw something crazy when I was on my way home yesterday. There was a dude in a tree near the 20 foot tall chain link fence that surrounds the Juvenile Detention Center. I'm pretty sure he wasn't rescueing a cat, as there were 20 cops on the ground surrounding the tree. But, knowing how minds work, I would not be surprised if that is what he told the officers.

In other wierd news. Jubal has hives. Supposedly some sort of reaction to meds or stress on the body or illness. One minute he is fine and the next he breaks out in itchy, splotchy, red, bumps. Poor kid. He is taking Benadryl, like you would for any other type of allergic reaction. He looks so pitiful, but every once in a while, he looks over at me with swollen face and droopy eyes, and cracks a little smile.
Have a great day

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