Wednesday, October 14, 2009


After riding my bike to work yesterday, my back started to feel better. Even while sitting all day in the office chair, I could feel it gradually improving. A couple of minor adjustments to my saddle on the way home and I was pedaling mostly pain free. I hit a little bit of dirt to make sure that the pain would not return and I felt fine. The confidence is oozing back.

It is raining today, and supposed to start getting colder. I'm no stranger to riding in the rain. If you live here and want to ride consistently, and outside, it's what you do. Ride in the rain. But, when the temps drop below 55, the rain can get really cold and cause all sorts of problems. I'm not really excited about riding in cold rain, but hey, that's racin'!!

I'm having lots of trouble focusing and it is getting worse as the time gets closer. I feel like time has been slowed. A lot like a good action movie when something is blowing up, the hero is running away, but it takes forever because it is slo-mo...... that is my current life.

So, sometimes I set my goals really high. Sometimes I reach those goals and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I am fine with that and other times not.

When I decided to do this race, I turned the focus to how much money, with your help, we could raise for World Bicycle Relief. I set the goal at $5000. Since this is a team/community effort, I guess I should have asked you how much we could raise together. Lesson learned, next time I'll confer with you. That said, we have raised $1095 to this point. With 1.5 days left until the start of the Pisgah MTB Stage Race, I think we can double that. But I can't do it without your help. When this posts on Facebook later today, share it with your friends, and let's see what we can do!! Click here to get in on the action.

Have a great day.

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