Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Ride

This is the view that I get on my morning commute:

I wore my "3 Feet Please" jersey today. I only had one vehicle come too close, and by the way he looked at me in the rear view mirror, I'm pretty sure he was being belligerent. On the back in giant print, it says" 3 FEET Please, Thank You." Pretty cool.

After work I hit the road for my last long evening road ride of the season. I could be more sentimental, but with the sun setting earlier, there is not time for a 3 hr ride after work, unless I ride into the dark.
I rode up Hwy 9 and down the other side, taking a right turn on Cedar Hill, which turns into Old Fort Rd, and then ends up on Hwy 74.
I then took Hwy 74 west, towards town, through Fairview, to the Pkwy. South on the Parkway, over the hill and through the woods, and I am home!!
It was a good ride, I pushed the pace on the climbs. I'm feeling really good, and confident about the Pisgah MTB Stage Race. I have learned a lot this year and look forward to applying it to the race next week.

I have been eating honey out of a gel flask on my rides. This has worked well, with the exception that honey is so thick that it is difficult and slow to get out of the flask. Last night I mixed in some water- 1 part water- 4 parts honey. This did the trick, and I was able to get a shot of honey, easily. Even better than gel!!! I have been told that chocolate syrup is good too. I might try that sometime this winter.

Sometimes I forget where I am and start to complain about the cold, the hills, etc. I really am blessed to live in this place, and am more determined than ever not to take it for granted. And when I do, I'll just go back and read this magazine: , and read " My Kind of Town" written by Chris Strout.

Great article about training for endurance MTB in Chicago!!

Have a great day.

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