Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter, not yet.

We tend to rush things this time of year. The leaves start falling, the wind gets colder, and the air starts to smell crisp. " Ah, winter is coming" people say as they look to the sky. And, while this is true, we still have 2 months of autumn left.

According to, winter does not start until December 21, 2009.

Why do we rush things? I'm not sure, exactly, but in my head, the sooner winter begins, the sooner it ends.

Don't get me wrong, I love winter. I enjoy the wood stove cranking out the heat on a cold windy night. I enjoy layering up to go outside and play in a bit of sunlight. I enjoy a long ride on a winter day. But, I gotta say that warmer temps are simply easier to live in.

The mind starts playing tricks on a person. It tells us that since it is getting cold now, then winter has begun. But in reality, it has not. It is still autumn, and we must wait until the sun reaches the furthest point north. Then we can say that winter has arrived. Then we can brace for the next 3 months of cold weather. ( except for those two weeks in Feb, in the southeast, when we get a heat wave).

If we wait until winter has really arrived, to start thinking about spring, then it will take a lot less time for spring to come.

So, get out, enjoy the cooler temps, the colorful leave, the crisp air, winter will be here soon enough.

Have a great day!!


Chris said...

Stephen, you're such an optimist ... although technically winter does not arrive until Dec. 31, I hate to tell you that it's come early to the northern climes ... and we have 6 months to go ...

My name is Stephen said...

thanks, optimist, or i lie to myself to convince myself that it is going to be that a form of optimism?