Friday, October 16, 2009

Pisgah MTB Stage Race: Stage 1

In a bit of a panic after re-injuring my back Friday morning, I sought the advice of my wise Facebook friends. I posted, " Poll: chiropractor of massage therapist?". I got a lot of good advice. I ended up calling a chiro, but with the $85 initial visit fee, I declined.

Instead I stretched, rode the rollers for 15 mins, took a hot shower, took some Ibuprofen, applied Tiger Balm, and iced. It started feeling somewhat better throughout the day. It does however take a lot of energy to protect an injured back.

We arrived at Brevard College, the venue for the time trial. Jubal and I picked up our packets and retreated to the van to check out our loot. The skies had finally begun to clear and the sun was actually starting to shine. It was chilly but not raining, I didn't hear anyone complain about that.

I decided to go out and ride the 1 mile lap that we would end up riding 4 times in the race. I just spun around the course easily and felt good. After about 1/2 mile of double track we road a bit of single track through a small wooded area. Muddy, rooty, slick and dark. Fun stuff. Then back to the start line.

We lined up, Todd counted down and we were off. I didn't want to push hard but I also didn't want to get left totally in the dust. So, I pushed to keep up and my back was feeling ok. The pace was high, and my HR hit about 170, way to high for endurance, but I kept going. I held my spot for the first lap, about 20yrds back from the next person. I made it my mission to catch him. He was strong on the flats and slowly pulled away. When we hit the techy woods section, I gradually reeled him in and road his back wheel. He bobbled, and let me pass. I had intended to follow him and draft him on the flat double track section. But, I took the opp and passed him. I got a little gap on him but he reeled me in on the double track. We hit the tech section again on lap 3 and I manged to get away from him, slowly increasing the gap for the rest of lap 4.

We stuck around and watched to kids, then the pros race.

Jeremiah Bishop took 1st, Harlan Price 2nd, Colby Pearce 3rd. I'm not sure about Sam Koerber, he got a flat in the second lap and had to play catch up. He has 3 days to make that up!! Andy Applegate had a good race too, he is recovering from illness, and was just glad to be riding his bike.

My back hurt about the same on the bike as it did walking around, so I was thinking it was going to be ok. This morning, after an un-restful sleep, my back is feeling pretty good. I'm looking forward to getting out and riding my own pace for 37 miles!!

Have a great day.

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Chris said...

Way to go, keep it up!