Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emotional Abuse

Last week was a rough week for me and a lot of you asked if I was OK. Thanks for your concern.  I am OK,  in fact I have never been better.

When I finally stood up and confronted the people who were making me feel uncomfortable, and powerless,  I felt a power and control of my own life that I have never felt before.   The sky was bluer and the grass was greener, the air fresher.  I cannot explain it other way than to say that a great burden had been lifted.

Obviously by my previous posts, the people I confronted did not want to let go of that grasp and most likely felt powerless.  In fact, that is the root cause of emotional abuse.  A person feels so insecure that they belittle those around them to maintain a false sense of power.

I am guilty.  I have done just that.  I have belittled people around me and made myself feel better because they could not take the heat.  It was not really a conscious effort, but a learned trait.  And it took  a lot of losing to realize that what I was doing was damaging to others and not helpful to myself.

I have had a lot of friends help me over the years, by example.  Being positive and treating people with respect.  You know who you are, thanks.

Now that I have taken control of my life, I no longer live under a cloud of fear.  No longer wondering when I will screw something else up.

Another thing I noticed over the past 3 yrs is that I jump every time one of my bosses walks in my office.  I jump as if I am doing something wrong and I am going to get busted, even though I knew I was doing nothing wrong.  Weird.  Since last week,  I no longer jump when they call my name or when they come rushing in my office to ask me to do something.  In fact, I am more eager than ever to get things right.  Not for them, but because I know I have what it takes to do the job right.

I no longer live in fear.  

If you feel belittled, insecure, worthless, jumpy, if you are called inappropriate names, etc,  you might be encountering emotional abuse.  If you are, please talk to someone or contact me.

Since writing my story last week,  4 people in similar situations have shared their situations with me.   I love that I can help others through this by sharing what I am going through.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is freedom,  you have to be the one to break the chains!!

Have a great day.

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Veronica said...

I just stumbled on your blog and had to say, "GOOD FOR YOU!!!!"