Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I headed out to the woods last night and it was steaming when I got to the parking lot.  A thunderstorm had just gone past and the air was literally filled with steam.  I got changed and ready to roll, the thermometer read 92.  As I got into the trees the temps were cooler and the thermometer dropped to 77. Much better, still humid though. 

I rolled up through the woods thinking about stuff, as usual.  I was still feeling a little tired from my 90 miler on Saturday so I decided just to ride until I felt like going home. 

It turned out to be pretty wet out there, even the trails that usually drain and dry fast were still wet.  The mud holes are getting bigger.   They say to ride through the center of the mud holes so that the trail does not get widened by people riding around the holes.   That makes a lot of sense.  But when I went through on hole and my  wheel dropped down deep enough to almost make me crash, it's hard not to pick the smooth line around the holes. 

I ended up with a 2 hr mellow ride and felt decent.  It was good to get out and spin around the woods.  It was good to start feeling good again mentally.  Sometime you just have to plow through things, other times you just have to let time pass. 

Have a great day!!


The Evil MGE! said...

Your Denise Austin Ad winked at me. Just sayin.

My name is Stephen said...

weird, I can't even see the ads, what is it advertising?

Butch Greene said...

learn to manual?