Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4 More Weeks

4 more weeks of darkness. More than that really, but in 4 weeks, the darkness reverses. The sun starts setting later, by about 1 minute per day. Then I start to feel better.

This time of year, time moves like molasses. I dream of ways that I could squeeze in long rides. I panic about not having enough base miles. I worry that I won't have enough money for traveling, or race registration, or more importantly: bike parts. Then I panic a little more.

Then I get lost in a daydream of a perfect ride. Sunny and warm, sweat glistening on my skin that is warming in the sun. Smile on my face, pedaling up a long hill, long and scenic. Then I shiver back to my senses, because it is the end of November and starting to get cold. I throw another log on the fire and I can hear the rain dripping on the metal roof. I hope that it is just dripping off of the tree and I will get to ride to work today, and back home. Then I will get two hours of training today. And that will be enough to keep the fitness going until I can find some large chunks of daylight to ride long.

And when I get home from work, and it is dark, and I only have 2 hrs of training, I take a deep breathe. I walk inside. I smell the delicious aromas of whatever Rhonda has decided to make for dinner: fajitas, rice and beans, homemade soup and bread.... Then I put my bike away, get changed and walk into the living room. Without fail the kid jumps on me, and we take it to the couch for another wrestling match. And I relax about base miles and enjoy my time with my family.

Have a great day.


Chris said...

Stephen, way to keep it in perspective. And just think: you'll have a new training partner for those long weekend rides soon enough, AND you get an hour-plus more of daylight per day than we do up here!

My name is Stephen said...