Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Weekend

The Big Birthday BBQ Ride went off without a hitch, mostly. Except for almost getting creamed by a big white dump truck with spikes on his front wheels, while riding south on Hwy 9, everything was good.

As 1pm rolled around, it looked like it would just be Mike K and me. But within 5 minutes, Gordy and Mike P showed up. OJ, Erica, and Frank rolled up on their bikes, but they had been out all morning, so they only rode the first few miles with us. It was good to chat with them.

The ride took us south on Hwy 9, up and over the continental divide. We took a left on Old Fort Rd into Old Fort. We then got on the starting mile of ORAMM, up the Point Lookout Trail. We stopped at the lookout for the picture below. On up the greenway, past Ridgecrest, through Black Mtn and back into Swannanoa. About 45 miles in less than 3 hrs. We kept a mellow pace until the end when we had slight downhill and tailwinds to push our little paceline over 30 mph!!!

Rhonda and Jubal met us halfway to refill our bottles. Everybody was excited to have the support. We only went with water at the SAG this year, so that next year, I can have room to step it up and maybe bring cookies. If you over do it the first year, it's difficult to do better the next year!!

And of course, the food after the ride was most excellent. Okie Dokies BBQ is simply delicious: Pulled pork, jalapeno hush puppies, fried pickles, mac n cheese= yum. Some other friends showed up for dinner to help me celebrate. It was great to see everyone. Thanks for making the day special. And to top it off, when I went to pay for my food, one friend told me that he was going to pay (thanks), only to find out that someone else had already paid!!! Sweet.

Sunday we headed to check out the UCI Cross Races at Hendersonville's Jackson Park. It was cold and drizzly, but Jubal got out there like a champ and raced. He was the youngest kid but rode his hardest. He tore through the off-camber turns on the grassy muddy slope, hit the uphill, jumped off, pushed the bike up, and then did a surprisingly clean remount with out losing much forward momentum. Yeah!!!

Below you seen Evie having fun in the rain. It started raining hard as the women's race got started, so we headed home. We didn't get to see Andy Applegate race, see you next time Andy.

The one and only D-Dub, showing how it's done, single speed style!

Have a great day.


Chris said...

Hey, can't wait for next year! :-) Happy b-day again, it was so great to see you all. Next time it'll be my turn to pay!

Hey, tell Jubal the ENTIRE Cane Creek staff was cheering for him. I didn't realize it was him, all bundled up in that rain slicker, and we were all super-impressed at his remount. He was KILLING it!

My name is Stephen said...

That's cool, I have yet to meet the Cane Creek folks, maybe you can help!!!